Writing Services
We help you to tell the world about what you are doing.

We meet with you to plan media coverage, attend events and write stories. We include subbing and liaison with targeted media. We even take the photographs. We send the stories directly to the news editors of the media organisations we have selected and follow up to ensure that the stories are used whenever possible. While we can never guarantee that a story is used, we do have a success rate of over 90%. This is because we write news stories, in the style of the targeted publication. Because of our experience as journalists, we know what news editors are looking for.

We also provide pre-conference copy, raising interest and awareness prior to the meeting. As a rule, we do not write press releases. Having worked on news desks ourselves, we know how ineffective a tool these can be. Instead, we research and write excellent news articles which we know will be published. Of the over 30 stories we wrote for the DST's Insite exhibition in 2006, for example, all but one were published and we obtained front page leads in both The Star and The Argus.

The stories that we prepare for the print media are also distributed to radio and television broadcasters as well as relevant internet sites, at no extra cost.

In addition, because you have commissioned and paid for the work, you hold the copyright to the stories we write and the photographs we take. This means that you are free to use them again in your own publications or reports.